Financial Aid Disbursement Schedule
Classes StartingFunds Disbursed to Student AccountRefunds sent to CashNet
Spring 2024
Summer 2024

Who gets a Refund?

Students whose financial aid exceeds their 91自拍 charges are eligible for a refund for living and other educational expenses.

When will I receive my refund?

Refer to the table above to determine your scheduled refund date. If you are due a refund on your student account, this refund will be issued by direct deposit or mailed as a check. To receive your refund in the shortest amount of time, sign up for direct deposit in CashNet. To set up direct deposit, go to my91自拍 and click the Make a Payment link on the Student Links card. Once in CashNet, click My Account on the left-hand navigation bar, then click Sign Up under the Direct Deposit Refunds section.

What happens if my aid is processed after the disbursement date has passed?

Aid is disbursed to student accounts each Friday after the initial disbursement date. Refunds are sent to CashNet the following Thursday.

What you need to know about loans.

Loans will not disburse until your class attendance is confirmed in at least 6 credit hours. If you are enrolling in parts of term with different starting dates and will not begin attendance in 6 hours until later in the term, please note that your disbursement will be delayed and plan accordingly. First-time in college students who are first-time borrowers are subject to a 30-day disbursement delay. 

Loans awarded for one semester only will be disbursed in two equal installments.

What you need to know about Pell Grants.

If you are attending parts of term with different starting dates, your Pell Grant will have multiple disbursement dates; federal grants will not disburse in their entirety up front for students in mixed parts of term.

What you need to know about withdrawals and attendance.

Withdrawing from all classes or ceasing attendance in all classes may result in repaying a portion of the federal student aid disbursed. Students who stop attending class after completing a part of term may also be subject to a return of federal funds.

Bright Futures students must repay scholarship funds for withdrawn classes. 

Withdrawing from classes can negatively impact your Satisfactory Academic Progress