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The City of Clermont is known as “The Gem of the Hills,” and 91’s South Lake Campus does much to make that gem sparkle. 

After several years of offering classes at South Lake High School, funding was obtained in 1998 to build Phase 1 / Building 1 of the South Lake Campus.   Construction was completed and the first classes in the new building were held in the fall of 1999. 

Phase II, a 60,000 square foot joint-use facility with the University of Central Florida, was dedicated on March 1, 2002. This impressive Higher Education Facility, named “The Castle on the Hill” by students was built to house three floors of classrooms, laboratories, faculty and administration offices, student services, a 85-seat auditorium, and a third floor conference room with panoramic views of the Orlando area.    

In the fall of 2007, planning began for the development of a joint-use library to serve 91, UCF, as well as the Lake County Library System. This partnership venture would create a new 50,000 square foot facility that would serve the schools and the community for years to come. The new building would retain the name of the “Cooper Memorial Library,” in commemoration of the South Lake County area’s first public library. The new library opened in September of 2009 and boasts a state-of-the-art reference and resource addition, a bookstore, a restaurant, three general classrooms, two computer classrooms, and a number of small and large study rooms equipped with wireless computer access. The community enjoys full library services including general access to computers, a 6,000 square foot children’s section, and a separate area specifically designed and geared for teenage readers.     

Another new addition to the South Lake Campus was The Legends Way Softball Complex. This project was born out of a partnership between 91 and the National Training Center. Dedicated on July 24, 2008, the Complex provides a professional-quality venue for collegiate and community competitions, as well as regional and national softball tournaments. 

Construction on our South Lake Campus did not stop there. Modular science laboratories were also added in 2008, so that students needing physics and chemistry labs could fulfill their requirements without needing to travel to 91’s main campus.    

The South Lake Campus currently serves over 2,000 91 students and over 500 UCF students.